Agriculture and Forestry

Tractor are equipped with high-performance engines that operate with high level power shift or continuously variable transmissions require high quality lubrication in order to prevent corrosion, extend machinery


Leadol offers wide range of lubricants that meet to all the needs of the marine world, both for engines and on-board machinery. As result of huge investment in R&D our chemist able to develop and produce specialty

Machinery and Equipment

Leadol offers a complete range of lubricants for machinery and equipment in various fields. Our products are suitable to use in whether turningmillingdeep drilling, tapping or grinding


Transportation management systems provide users with real-time tracking and order information. There is no time for slacking, no time for prolonging tasks that need to be done and no time for mistakes


Our wide range of lubricants comply with the strictest quality standards and adapt to any of your equipment, process, or customer’s needs. High quality lubricants with high resistance to oxidation and excellent


Oil and greases are required in different construction spheres such as:
-building construction
-roads and motorways
-tunnels and underground

About Company


We are leading company in this field, We provide specific solutions for our every customers.

Produced with more than 100 years’ experience, Leadol is one of the leading companies in Lubricant industry. Mixture of base oils and additives from leading suppliers with research and technology used in offering technically superior products is our main success to manufacture synthetic, conventional and blended automotive and industrial lubricants. . .