Accompanying exhibition of the products, solutions and services for the lubricant industry will be held during the Global Lubricant Week on October 21-22, 2020.

The exhibition is the best place for suppliers to be presented in this segment. At the Global Lubricant Week we gather top-managers and leading specialists of the majority of Russian and key CIS companies.

So you will present your company business and competence, spread informational materials, hold business talks with most of potential partners and lubricant suppliers.

Invited at the Exhibition are:

• Suppliers of additives, base oils and components for lubricant oils and greases

• Petrochemical industry laboratory equipment and lab reagents suppliers

• Technology and know-how suppliers for the lubricant industry

• Industrial and chemical equipment engineering and manufacturing companies (including blending and filtration equipment)

• Providers of the packaging, storage and fluid management solutions for liquids and high-viscous materials

• Logistics companies (bulk liquids and chemicals)

• Lubricants and greases dealers and distributors

• Other companies are welcome!

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